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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions


The information provided here was not created for, and is not intended for use in, sports gambling or even friendly wagering. We encourage no one to partake in such practice, and accept no responsibility for anyone who uses this information in such fashion.

This information is provided purely as a means of tracking the statistical accuracy of the related rankings.

No one at ever has, nor will they ever be permitted to, use this information to place wagers for themselves or anyone else. No one at is permitted to wager on sports events, period. Such action would result in immediate dismissal without further warning.

We do not accept advertising from sites which promote sports gambling and make every reasonable effort to block such advertising from third-party vendors.

These are statements of fact. They should not be dismissed as public relations posturing.


Each week the computer picks the winner of every game involving a Division 1-A team. The "Pick" is determined by subtracting the difference between each teams' current Congrove Computer Power Rating, and adding 3 points to any team playing on its home field. The 3-point advantage may also be added to a team playing on a neutral field that has a decided geographical advantage over its opponent, or often hosts games in that venue (i.e, Alabama in Birmingham, Arkansas in Little Rock, etc.).

The computer's picks are presented in a fashion that permits you to print the page and track the scores, if you desire, with Vegas spreads and computer picks. The home team is in CAPS. The team favored by the oddsmakers is on the left.

The computer wins Straight Up when it simply picks the winning team.

The computer wins ATS (Against The Spread) when it correctly "plays" the point spread determined by oddsmakers.

The computer establishes a point spread for games involving a team from a division lower than the football bowl subdivision (formerly 1-A) but, as oddsmakers do not widely handicap such games, they are not counted in the computer's ATS record. Therefore, the standings will reflect more games Straight Up than ATS.

The point spread is the number of points by which oddsmakers predict the favored team will win. If you pick the favorite to cover, the margin of victory must be greater than the point spread. If you pick the underdog, you win if the favored team fails to exceed the point spread or if the underdog wins or ties the game outright.

Thus, if the spread calls for Team "A" to win by 20 and the computer picks the same team to win by 21 points or more, it is "betting" on the favorite. So, if Team "A" wins the game by 21 or more points, the computer wins "ATS". If Team "A" wins by 20 points or fewer - or loses or ties the game outright - the computer loses ATS.

If the spread calls for Team "A" to win by 20 and the computer picks the same team to to win by 20 points or less, it is "betting" on the underdog. In this case, if Team "A" wins by 21 or more points, the computer loses "ATS". But, if Team "A" wins the game by 20 points or less - or loses or ties the game outright - the computer wins "ATS".

We do not recognize a "push" because a tied line between the computer and official oddsmakers is declared as a bet for the underdog.

Beginning in 2009, the computer's won-loss record is determined by using the opening line from LVSC as reported at Later lines are used in the event of a "pick 'em" opening.

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