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College Football
Season Preview

Our 2008 Preseason Bowl Projections correctly picked 51 of the 68 bowl teams

2009 Preseason Bowl Projections

New Mexico: Stanford (1a) vs. Fresno State
St. Petersburg: UConn vs. Rice
New Orleans: Troy vs. East Carolina
Las Vegas: TCU vs. Oregon State
Poinsettia: BYU vs. Louisiana Tech (1b)
Hawaii: Nevada vs. Western Michigan (2)
Motor City: Wisconsin vs. Central Michigan
Meineke: Boston College vs. West Virginia
Emerald: Arizona vs. Georgia Tech
Music City: Tennessee vs. Wake Forest
Independence: Kentucky vs. Colorado
EagleBank: Miami, Fla. vs. Arkansas State (3)
Champ Sports: North Carolina vs. Northwestern
Humanitarian: Boise State vs. Air Force
Holiday: Kansas vs. California
Armed Forces: Southern Miss vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (5)
Sun: Oregon vs. Oklahoma State
Texas: Ball State (4) vs. Houston
Insight: Nebraska vs. Illinois
Chick-fil-A: Vanderbilt vs. Florida State
Outback: Mississippi vs. Iowa
Capital One: Penn State vs. Georgia
Gator: Notre Dame vs. Clemson
Rose: USC vs. Michigan State
Sugar: Alabama vs. Ohio State
International: Rutgers vs. Temple
Cotton: Texas Tech vs. LSU Cincinnati vs. Middle Tennessee (6)
Liberty: Arkansas vs. Tulsa
Alamo: Minnesota vs. Missouri
Fiesta: Utah vs. Texas
Orange: Pittsburgh vs. Virginia Tech
GMAC: FIU (7) vs. Buffalo
BCS: Florida vs. Oklahoma

BCS Selection Order: The order of selection for this year's BCS games is Orange, Fiesta, Sugar. However, the bowls that lose host conference champions to the BCS title game get to replace those teams before other selections are made.
BCS Selection Procedures.

Notre Dame is eligible for all bowls in which the Big East has a commitment, as well as the BCS.

Sun Belt teams with records of 7-5 or better, are next in line to fill slots in the St. Petersburg, and Independence Bowls if primary conferences do not have an eligible team. The WAC has a similar provisional arrangement with the Poinsettia and GMAC Bowls. CUSA is the provisional choice for Navy in the Texas Bowl, and Army in the EagleBank Bowl.

EagleBank Bowl will invite Army if it qualifies for selection. Texas Bowl will invite Navy if it qualifies for selection. Navy has secured similar deals with the Poinsettia Bowl for 2010, the EagleBank Bowl in 2011 and the Armed Forces Bowl in 2013.

1a, 1b-No MWC team available. Stanford, La. Tech swap spots to prevent matchup of 2 WAC teams in New Mexico Bowl.
2-No CUSA team available.
3-Army fails to qualify. No CUSA team available.
4-No Big 12 team available.
5-No MWC team available.
6-No SEC team available.
7-No ACC team available. No WAC team available as the backup. FIU, Akron, and USF last remaining 6-6 teams. USF would not be eligible at 6-6 due to having two FCS games on its schedule. Akron not selected as bowl would not match two teams from same conference.


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