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2007 Bowls

Week 4: 9/20-9/22
Week 5: 9/27-9/29
Week 6: 10/2-10/7
Week 7: 10/10-10/14
Week 8: 10/18-10/21
Week 9: 10/25-10/28
Week 10: 11/1-11/4
Week 11: 11/6-11/10
Week 12: 11/13-11/17
Week 13: 11/20-11/24
Week 14: 11/29-12/1
Week 15: Bowls
Archiving began in Week 4 in the 2007 Season.

The computer likes the favorite with room to spare.
2007 Regular Season: 62-19 SU (.765), 41-40 ATS (.506)
2007 Bowls: 4-2 SU (.667), 1-5 ATS (.167)

Thursday, December 20th
Utah (-9.5) by 15.48 over Navy - Navy's defense is non-existent. Utah's defense ranks 4th nationally and allowed just 130 yards per game on the ground.
Utah won 35-32. The computer won SU, lost ATS.

Friday, December 21st
FAU (-2) by 7.36 over Memphis - Howard Schnellenberger coaches the Owls and - make no mistake - that's why they are here. Schnellenberger was the head coach at Miami when the 'Canes won their first national title in 1983. Both schools enter this game with momentum. The Tigers have won five of their last six games. FAU has won four of its last six with one of the losses coming at Florida.
FAU won 44-27. The computer won SU, won ATS.

Saturday, December 21st
Cincinnati (-10.5) by 11.20 over Southern Miss - I typically don't like higher-spread games in bowl season, and I usually do like Southern Miss to keep games close. But the Bearcats appear to have moved up a rung on the ladder while the Golden Eagles have slid backwards.
Cincinnati won 31-21. The computer won SU, lost ATS.

Sunday, December 23rd
Boise State (-11) by 16.93 over East Carolina - Opposing offensives averaged 436 yards and 30 points a game against the East Carolina defense. The Broncos' offense averaged 475 yards and 43 points per game.
East Carolina won 41-38. The computer lost SU, lost ATS.

Wednesday, December 26th
Purdue (-9) by 9.51 over Central Michigan - One of the worst, and dumbest, bowl matchups of the postseason. This is a rematch of a regular season game won easily by Purdue, 45-22.
Purdue won 51-48. The computer won SU, lost ATS.

Saturday, December 29th
UCF (-2.5) by 4.97 over Mississippi State - Kevin Smith should have been in New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation. I don't care what conference you play in - when you challenge Barry Sanders' rushing record, you deserve more respect and attention. Smith needs just 181 yards to break Sanders' single-season rushing mark of 2,628 yards.
Mississippi State won 10-3. The computer lost SU, lost ATS.

The computer likes the favorite, but by fewer points than the oddsmakers.
2007 Regular Season: 62-13 SU (.827), 41-34 ATS (.547)
2007 Bowls: 2-1 SU (.667), 2-1 ATS (.667)

Saturday, December 21st
BYU (-6) by 0.32 over UCLA - The computer was 7-4 ATS with BYU and 9-3 with UCLA during the regular season. That's an impressive record that even surprised me, given UCLA's tremendous inconsistency. The Bruins could be further hurt by head coach Karl Dorrell's firing. However, UCLA's ability to stay in this game could come down to recruiting and athletes which should be in the Bruins' favor.
BYU won 17-16. The computer won SU, won ATS.

Monday, December 31st
USF (-7) by 1.37 over Oregon - Without Dennis Dixon at QB, you don't know what you're going to get from Oregon. This is a tough game to figure, which is why I expect it to be close a battle. Oregon will take a loss as an insult to the program, and USF knows it gains a little more respect anytime it can defeat another name program. DE George Selvie and LB Ben Moffitt are defensive terrors for the Bulls. RB Jonathan Stewart, who had 163 yards in the season-ending loss to Oregon State, will need another big game for the Ducks.
Oregon won 56-21. The computer lost SU, won ATS.

Tuesday, January 1st
Georgia (-10) by 1.84 over Hawaii - A 10-point cushion is big against a team that can light up the scoreboard and wear out a defense by winging it all over the place. Georgia could score on an 8-minute drive, only to find the Warriors on the board a minute-and-a-half later. Last season's game between Boise State and Oklahoma was one of the bowl season's most-intriguing matchups and this one is just as intriguing.
Georgia won 41-10. The computer won SU, lost ATS.

The computer likes the underdog as the outright winner. I don't select the games in this category. Instead, we list every upset projected by the computer.

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