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College Football Season

A Perfect Ending For FSU

by David Odell
January 5, 2000

(New Orleans, La.) Florida State won a national championship Tuesday night. Peter Warrick proved that he is indeed the best player in college football and Bobby Bowden deserved his undefeated national championship season. However, Virginia Tech could have easily won this game and probably should have.

With VT ahead 29-28, and FSU facing 3rd down deep in its own territory, the Seminoles converted for a first down. This has to be the final turning point in the game. FSU soon scores and takes the air out of the Hokies comeback bid.

Anyone who can spot the Noles a 28-7 lead and overcome it has earned it's pedigree.

Anyone who thinks the Hokies (or Noles) didn't belong in this game are probably from Nebraska. BCS officials have to be beaming with pride at an event so spectacular and a system seemingly on the right track in determining the two best teams in the nation.

Despite not showing up for the third quarter, FSU wore out the Hokies in the end. Florida State gave Virginia Tech a little bit of their own medicine. At least for 1999, the Noles proved their special teams kick coverage is better than the Hokies. Being victimized by a punt return (by Warrick) and a block punt has not happened to VT in years.

I don't know about you but I vaguely remember Corey Moore being mentioned during introductions (sarcasm). Obviously, FSU scoured the VT/WVU film and discovered that the "mouth of the south" could be contained if double-teamed. On one play he did break up, the first play of the second half, after swatting down an apparent lateral, Moore didn't realize he could have caught the ball for an interception. Instead the ball went out of bounds and FSU retained possession.

Except for Michael Vick, Peter Warrick is easily the best athlete in college football and should have been the Heisman winner had he not introduced himself to the criminal justice system. How sweet he must have felt to contribute so mightily in such an important game. He won't need any more clothing discounts after his NFL contract is negotiated.

As for Vick, his performance under the glare of national title focus can only be described as amazing. Next season's Heisman Trophy favorite is a foregone conclusion.

As for next year, provided Chris Wienke returns, FSU will most likely be preseason number one once again. Kirk Herbstreit, an ESPN college football analyst, said his top five teams for next year are Florida, Florida State, Kansas State, Michigan, and Nebraska. A survey of college football analysts at the Sugar Bowl turned up a list of other contenders: Alabama, Miami, Mississippi, and Washington. Which makes me wonder? What about Virginia Tech?

With Vick and most of the offense returning, I would think some serious points could be scored. I will just let the Big East go ahead and tout it's now-stepchild, Miami University as the favorite for the conference title again. Previous results have proven well for the Hokies.

My final order of finish for 1999: FSU #1, VT #2, Nebraska #3.


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